The largest positive displacement

    water pump in the world

  • Highly efficient and versatile

    Extremely robust, durable and reliable

  • Fish-friendly and environmentally responsible

The RONAMIC Industrial Water Pump represents the next step in the development of large positive displacement pumps. Based on an old principle of positive displacement and powered by smart engineering, this pump has many applications within the water industry and even beyond it. In many situations it will by far outperform centrifugal and other pumps on many, if not all, criteria, whereas its fish-friendly design makes this pump absolutely unique!

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  • Based on the superior Positive Displacement principle (hydrostatic principle) as opposed to the kinetic flow principle used in dynamic pumps.

  • Low cost due to a small number of robust, non-corrosive and long-life components (mainly concrete).

  • Electrotechnical parts are located above the water level resulting in low Capex and Opex.

  • Consistant high efficiency even in situations where regular (centrifugal) pumps encounter problems (for instance at varying pressure and flow levels).

Traditional (centrifugal) pumps used in water industry carry some inevitable drawbacks such as the high velocity of the foil shaped rotors as well as the high velocity of the water entering and especially exiting the pump. These high velocities result in turbulences, big pressure differences in the pump, drag losses and low efficiencies.


As opposed to these dynamic pumps, the pumping technology of RONAMIC is based on the hydrostatic (or positive displacement, PD) principle (a good quick guide on PD pumps versus centrifugal pumps can be found here). This is why the RONAMIC industrial pumps have fundamentally different characteristics, which can be summarized as robust, low rotational speed, low water velocity, highly controllable and energy efficient.


Powered by smart engineering, the application of the positive displacement principle yielded a superior result in terms of cost, efficiency, reliability and fish-friendliness: the RONAMIC Industrial Water Pump. This pump can be classified as a rotary lobe pump for large volumes of water.


Efficiency has always been important for high volume water pumps and until recently it always came at a price of a higher initial cost. Large positive displacement pumps do operate at a very high efficiency, but because of their size, also for these pumps the capital expenditure remained relatively high.


The RONAMIC Industrial Water Pump is the first large positive displacement pump almost entirely made of concrete (and to our knowlegde also the first concrete pump in the world). By employing unconventional materials and engineering choices, RONAMIC delivers you a long sought-after solution to reconciling high efficiency with low cost. Add to this a set of other unique features such as high reliability, low maintenance and high degree of fish-friendliness, and you will get the ultimate solution for a wide range of applications in the field of water management, sewage treatment plants, etc. And that's the RONAMIC Industrial Water Pump!

Main specifications
· Material of the caisson: concrete
· Dimensions of the concrete block 1.500 x 1.000 x 1.500 mm.
· Mass of the concrete block: 4.000 kg caisson, 1.500 kg rotor shell
· Rotor set: 1 vertically aligned rotor set of 2 rotors
· Rotor type: standard tri lobe, numerous options are available for different performances
· Diameter of rotor: 500 mm, mass of rotor 200 kg
· Powertrain: electrical or hydraulic-electrical

Pump modus
· Rotational speed (nominal/maximal): 100/200 rpm
· Flow (nominal/maximal): 0,5-1,0 m3/s
· Efficiency (nominal/maximal): 80% / 60%
· Power at 5 meter head (nominal/maximal): 30 / 60 kW

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