RONAMIC was founded by a group of Dutch engineers and energy experts specialized in positive displacement hydrostatic machines who conducted
• an extensive 3 year research and development in the field of Energy from Water (HydroPower and OceanPower),         doing this in
• collaboration with numerous knowledge institutions and companies worldwide, in order to
• unlock the vast energy resources contained in water.

Until recently none of the efforts for finding a solution to the above mentioned problem have been really successful. RONAMIC thoroughly studied each and every factor that caused RONAMIC’s predecessors to fail, hence minimizing the risk of making the same mistakes. More to that, RONAMIC applies a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to product development, since the answer is most likely to be found beyond the boundaries of the traditional single industry approach. A number of leading Dutch and international experts have classified the technology of RONAMIC as being very promising, if not the ultimate solution for various Hydro and Ocean Power applications.

For the next phase of its development RONAMIC is currently seeking additional business partnerships with industrial and financial parties and would like to encourage companies from relevant business fields to learn more about the technology and the company behind it.

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