• A team of dedicated

    Dutch engineers...

  • invented a

    concrete turbine and pump system...

  • that will change the future of low head hydro power.

Best Available Technology

RONAMIC brings you long sought-after solutions in the field of medium, low and ultra-low head Hydro and Ocean Power. Based on an old mechanical principle and powered by smart engineering, the technology developed by RONAMIC is currently the best available technolgy in the world for various Hydro and Ocean Power applications.

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  • Low Head Hydro Power
    Pump and Turbine (PaT)

    With its unmatched CAPEX and LCOE, RONAMIC low head Pump and Turbine (PaT) is the ultimate solution to extracting fully dispatchable energy from low head water resources. Available in several configurations, the RONAMIC PaT will deliver excellent performance in virtually any situation with a water head of 2 to 4 meters, not only for electricity generation, but also for pumping and various grid services.

  • Ocean Power Tidal Fence
    Pump And Turbine (PaT)

    The low head Ocean Power Tidal Fence Pump and Turbine (PaT) has all the advantages of the hydrostatic technology of RONAMIC, such as its unmatched CAPEX and LCOE and the extreme reliability, and is perfectly suited for various tidal range/fence applications.



  • Pumped hydroelectric energy storage
    Pump and Turbine (PaT)

    With the increasing share of non-dispatchable energy sources, such as wind and sun, in the energy mix, the importance of energy storage is equally increasing. Due to its multi-functionality (pump, turbine and water lock) the RONAMIC Pumped hydroelectric energy storage Pump and Turbine (PaT) is the ideal solution for regulating the supply and demand of electricity in time, thus creating additional value on top of the sheer energy generation.

  • Water pump
    (medium head)

    The RONAMIC positive displacement water pump has all the advantages of the hydrostatic technology of RONAMIC, such as the high efficiency at low rotational speed and the extreme reliability, and will deliver superior performance in a wide range of applications.


Until recently none of the efforts for finding a solution to economically efficient extraction of energy from low head water resources have been really successful. RONAMIC thoroughly studied each and every factor that caused RONAMIC’s predecessors to fail, hence minimizing the risk of making the same mistakes. More to that, RONAMIC applies a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to product development, since the answer is most likely to be found beyond the boundaries of the traditional single industry approach. A number of leading Dutch and international experts have classified the technology of RONAMIC as being very promising, if not the ultimate solution for various Hydro and Ocean Power applications. 

Technology & Features

Main technology features are:

  • Based on the superior Positive Displacement principle (hydrostatic principle) compared to the kinetic flow principle.
  • High energy conversion rate at varying head and varying water flow due to an advanced design of the rotors (RONAMIC Advanced Rotors).
  • Low cost due to small number of low tech, non-corrosive and long-life components (concrete).
  • Power take-off above water level resulting in low Capex and Opex.
  • One machine serves as a pump, turbine, water lock and and as a flow control valve.
  • Caisson can serve as part of a dam, bridge or other civil structure, further reducing the total project costs.
  • High level of fish safety due to low velocity, low rotation speed, advanced rotor shape and numerous additional options.

Other unique characteristics are:

  • Better hydraulic performances by rough surfaces of the rotorset (for example by foiling).
  • Foiling on all surfaces of the rotorset is limited when the rotorset rotates minimal once a day.
  • No venturi nor difusser due to the hydrostatic principle.
  • Modular design enhances flexibility and configuration options for Hydro Power projects.
  • Numerous PTO systems ranging from a high efficient PTO to a gearless low Capex PTO system.
  • Floating rotors.
  • Robust, shockproof, oil&grease free, open plain bearings.
  • The PaT has a lightweight design and container format for optimizing distribution logistics.
  • Plug & Play system; caisson housing, turbine and PTO in one device.
  • Low tech production of concrete elements by unskilled production staff.
  • Closed and embedded heat exchanger (in concrete) for PTO cooling system.
  • Also working when the pump and turbine is partly filled with water.

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